SMaSH Contestants

The following is the list of the people who have signed up for the SMaSH competition and what they signed up for. Remember entries are due either:
1. July 16 at the President’s house party
2. Thursday July 2 7 meeting at Kathies.

Name: Malt: Hop
Jason: Home malted Glacier
Scott K.: Munich LME N Brewer
Scott V.: Cargill 2 row Columbus
Jim: Munich Hallertau
Adam: Briess 2 row Citra
Dave T: Pilsner Saaz
Brian: Maris Otter Fuggles
Denny: Munich Soriachi Ace

There are rumors swirling about that there may be is a prize for the winner of the comp- a $40 Gift Certificate courtesy of The Homebrew Market. Remember this will be a blind, informal judging. Anyone at the Prez’s palace on the 16th will be able to judge and have their vote heard!

If you would like to get on the list (or I have left you off in my somewhat drunken stupor here), please leave a comment and I will add you to the list.

Yours in Mashing,
Martin Mashpaddle

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2 Responses to SMaSH Contestants

  1. Brian Lesperance says:

    t’s Official…$40 Gift Certificate to the Winner of the S.M.S.H beer contest courtesy of The Homebrew Market.

  2. Scott Voskuil (Doctor V or cheesehead on forums) says:

    Sadly I must bow out, I ran out of brewing time and I can’t get it done in time.–“Doctor Scott”

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