Manty Malter Event: How to Brew Beer Workshop at Pinecrest Historical Village -Jason Johnson

On September 29th, some of the Manty Malter members lugged the equipment and ingredients out to the Historical Village to teach a workshop on how to brew beer. They brewed up a cream ale and some people from the community who were interested in homebrewing made the trek out to learn the fine craft of homebrewing. Beers were shared, Beers were drank, and beer was brewed. Best of all we made some new friends, and hopefully some new brewers. Below are some pictures from the event.

Manty Malter’s President Brian Lespernace gives a PowerPoint presentation on brewing basics while Jim Williams admires some brewing hardware in the background.

Gathered around the boil kettle, Brain Lesperance and Dave Taylor explain the brewing process to interested brewers……Jim Williams tries to sneak by with some grub.

The crowd is enthralled by the glorious process of converting grain, water, hops, and yeast into what is probably the world greatest beverage, beer. The presentation is so riveting, it even hold the attention of Scott Kohlmann (foreground)

Answering questions about beer and the brewing process.

Vice President Adam Davidson serves up some beer for the sampling.





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