Meeting Agenda 1-3-2013 -Posted by Jason Johnson

In the future, I am going to do my best to also publish the Meeting Agenda that Brian sends out, on our webpage.  Here is the agenda for Tomorrow’s Meeting.

Old Items

  • Winter Get together / Holiday Party Feb 2nd 6pm
  • Jaycees Brewfest – Feb 16th 5-9PM
  • Club Competitions
  • Next month’s meeting date and Location : Thursday, 6:00PM February 7th at Kathy’s Stage Door Pub

New Items

  • Open forum

This Month’s Topic: Fruit Beers          Presenter: Adam Davidson                    .

  • Next Month’s Topic: Open                 Presenter: Open

Future Topics

  • Extract Brewing – David Taylor
  • Sanitation/Cleaning
  • Additional topics.  Rhizome Planting, Belgian Beers, Scottish Ales, Kegging, Kegging Pt2 – Taps

Upcoming events

  • Next Meeting – Thursday, February 7th
  • 3rd Saturday in January – Trip to 3 Sheep’s
  • Christmas / Winter Party Feb 2nd

Jaycees Brewfest Feb 16th 5 – 9 PM

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