Meet the Malters!

This page will be an introduction to our membership. Every month we will at random pick a Manty Malter member and that member will provide a brewing bio. This is a good way to get to know the members you may may not always get a chance to talk with. Below is this month’s featured member. Remember, the rule is….if you don’t get me your Bio on time, I will make one up for you.

Bill “Father Bill” Brunner

How the heck am I brewer of the month? I’m completely new to beer making, with the first batch of a Cream Ale in process. While I am new to beer making, I’ve been enjoying beer for a while now. I won’t quite say how long I’ve been enjoying it.

I discovered the Manty Malters completely by accident. I sort of stumbled into it. Not that type of stumble… I came across their meeting before I had the first beer of the evening. I dropped in for a visit to see Kathie, and low and behold her side room was full (which is not all the usual for a Thursday evening). Kathie indicated that free beer could be found among that crowd. I thought, “what the heck, that seems like a good price!” It turns out that that crowd was the monthly meeting of the Manty Malters. I have felt welcomed among them ever since.

My trade and my life is that of a Catholic priest. I serve the good people of the city of Manitowoc at the parish of Saint Francis of Assisi. I love this life. It’s also a good thing that some of the Malters recognized me from Sunday mornings.

Should a priest be brewing? Some may not approved, but then again have you ever enjoyed a Belgian Ale? I bet you have… who brewed those beers? Yeah, those brewers were monks. The making of beer, wine, and other liqueurs has a long history among Catholic monks, so I guess I’m just doing my little part maintain that tradition.

I look forward to brewing many other batches, and perhaps move into darker beers that I really enjoy like porters and stouts.





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