Jim “The Truant” Williams

I have been brewing for over 10 years and I got my start a bit different. I got into brewing when my favorite malt beverage Zima switched over to girly flavors like citrus, tangerine, and pineapple. My beloved Zima was ripped from my hand in the cruelest of fashions. So I set out on a quest to make my own malted beverages. This brought me in to the world of homebrewing. What I found out is I cannot make enough beer fast enough to curb my craving for fermented malt and hops. I pretty much drink a 5 gallon keg every few days, so yeah, I love beer.

My brewing process is a bit unusual. I tend to go sans-pants, but for safety purposes I do wear rubber boots and a small t-shirt….I don’t want to get any hot wort on the manly chest. I brew all-grain mostly but sometimes just ferment some corn sugar and water if I need a quick beer. If I’m feeling frisky I’ll add a splash of tang to it for some real zip. I do open bucket fermentation almost exclusivly . I feel that gives me my best chance at getting the most flavor from my local environment. Something I’m pretty passionate about. Keep it local you know. You can see some of my greatest success stories right here.

I don’t really brew to any particular style, I just like to brew whatever I can find available. That tends to yield the best stuff anyway. I think too many people put too much stress on recipe formulation. If you throw some sugary water together with some hops and stuff, you will make beer. So that’s all that’s important. As long as you call it beer, it’s beer…..right? Some of the fancy beers that the other guys bring to the meetings are all well and good, but man they put a lot of undue effort into it. If it doesn’t kill you and you have alcohol, what’s the fuss? Let’s just do this.

I have tried some traditional brewing techniques, but there must be a presence about my house because I always end up with an open bucket at some point and my beer just spews forth it’s awesomeness because….well, let’s be honest. It cannot be contained. What you see above was my brat beer, inspired by that Buffalo Wild Wings Commercial. I called it Wisconsin Lust, and while I couldn’t get any of the other guys to try it, I didn’t think it tasted half bad. I did  have to sit on the toilet for a few days after. Still, I finished it. What doesn’t kill you, right? That’s it for now, just keep on keeping on brothers!


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