Mike Wolfe

Mike “Keepin’ it at Chest Level” Wolfe and family

Mike “Keepin’ it at Chest Level” Wolfe

By day, Mike Wolfe is one of the owners of Great Lakes Trucking. But on weekends and on the first Thursday every month, Mike is our newest brewer to the club, and aside from attending a few brewing sessions with Jason Johnson, Mike had yet to brew his own batch of beer when he joined the club, however he has done some wine in the past. He had all the equipment he needed to brew, he just has did not brew a beer yet when he joined. That was all about to change soon enough.

Mike became interested in craft beer after trying some beers at Rowlands in Chilton. Mike has also attended several area beer festivals, including the Manitowoc Jaycee’s Beerfest in Manitowoc and the Kohler Festival of Beer in Kohler Wisconsin, so Mike has the chops for drinking a wide variety of beer styles, which he has proven at the Manty Malter summer party. But IPA and stout are currently his favorite beer styles to drink.

Mike, indulging in the all you can eat crab claws at Kohler Festival of Beer.

However, things have officially changed as of December 29th of 2013, and Mike has brewed his first beer. Mike brewed an extract with steeping grains version of an Oktoberfest. It was the standard stove top method with a partial boil and he topped up with clean bottled water. At the time of publishing this bio, the beer is fermenting away nicely in his basement.  Mike already has plans to brew his next batch, which he is thinking may be an IPA.

Mike appears to really enjoy the hobby so far and has already started to expand his brewery by purchasing a few more fermentors and has a homemade immersion chiller. There is talk……although I don’t know if he was serious or just making a joke about the cold weather……about building a brewhouse outside sometime in the future.

Mike brewing up his first extract beer, an Oktoberfest.

At the Manitowoc Jaycee’s Beer Lover’s Brewfest!


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